As a runner of 25 years or more and in all that time mostly injury free I found myself having back problems mostly on my right side. upon asking a work colleague who works in the area of Bio Energy for advice she asked me to be a case study which I was delighted to do. I had found out a few weeks earlier that I had leg length discrepancy.  I started Bio Energy treatment with Una Mc Nerney and on the second treatment she performed a lower back release procedure from the Hidden mind corrective sound program and combined this with Bio energy.  At first it seemed to get somewhat worse but between the third and fourth treatment my leg length discrepancy started to come back into line. I took six treatments overall and by treatment six my pain had improved greatly. This was three months ago and I have been back to full time running for at least two months now with no problems.  Prior to my sessions with Una I had no experience in the field of Bio Energy but I would strongly recommend her to anyone with pain of any kind.  My quality of life has been greatly improved as a result.

Martin Dalton, Galway 02/01/2015

Being a medical practitioner for almost forty years, when confronted with a chronic medical condition you would think my first option would be to take medication. But all of a sudden the last thing I wanted to do was to take medication for the rest of my life. I felt I was only introducing more toxicity in my system for symptom control and not dealing with the real issues. I opted for nutritional advice and complementary therapy. Since having Bio Energy with Una, my quality of life has greatly improved, I no longer have the excruciating pain, I have more energy (as I felt totally fatigued all the time), and I feel an inner peace and calmness never experienced previously. I truely believe our bodies have a remarkable ability to heal itself, but only by taking on board expert advice, and life changes. I would highly recommend Una for giving me back a good quality of life, but also for the sensitivity of her demeanour, and professionalism as we were already aquainted, and her passion to help heal people. I would like to express my sincere thanks Una, and wish you well with your complementary therapies.

Anne, Galway

I recently did the 4 days bio-energy with Una. It was the most relaxing hour each day that I’ve had for a long time and the 4 days absolutely flew by. I’ve noticed a calmness and contentedness about myself since finishing the treatment (as has my husband:-). My 2 children also did one session of bio-energy each and I really notice the difference with my 12 year old daughter. She is much happier in herself and a lot less moody! From my experience I highly recommend bio-energy. Thank you Una?.

Joan, Galway

 How Anois Holistic Therapies changed my life:

So why I went to Una:  I had been suffering on and off with depression since the birth of my daughter, my hormones all over the place. I had become ill, lost my Gallbladder which left my liver function tainted for 6 months.  After bouncing back and full of life after the surgery, 3 stone lighter:) I hit a low, putting back the 2 stone.  I have always struggled with my weight.  a constant battle.  I was becoming depressed and had a lot of anxiety about my weight and health.

I went to Una at Anois Holistic Therapies.  Upon my arrival I was greeted by Una, who was kind , warm and eager to help me, absolute breathe of fresh air.  at first i wasn’t sure what to expect, Una talked me through what she would do and how I might feel after.  Una did Bio energy and Corrective Sound Therapy with me.  as Una worked on my energy I felt a coolness throughout my body, after that I went home felt normal.  A few hours later and for no apparent reason, i had one instance of diarrhea, couldn’t think why, then it dawned on me, it was from the bio-energy.( clear out)  I felt positive and believed this was working for me.

Since having the bio-energy then, and recently, much has improved for me.  I haven’t had any bout of depression.  I have been living life to the full.  Accepted my weight and have taken steps to lose weight and improve my health.  I have stepped out of my comfort zone.  Stopped hiding and joined in on activities in my family and friends lives.

I was in a place of despair and having the negative energy released, changed my life for the better.

I am so grateful and blessed to have met Una and all the positivity she radiates!  Una has a gift!  Everyone should try this! You won’t regret this! you’ve nothing to lose !