The hidden mind is a treatment to interrogate the subconscious mind to accurately identify the hidden causes of diseases.

The Hidden Mind is also known as the subconscious mind. When a client comes for a Hidden Mind Investigative and Corrective sound treatment I would begin by doing an observation on the physical body for any anomalies which may be affects of unresolved shock in the body, then using a form of vibrational kineseology, the form I use is dowsing using a pendulum, I would investigate the subconscious mind through a series of statements which would identify the current well being of the body.

Our subconscious mind or hidden mind is far more powerful than we can ever imagine, it stores our life history from the day we were conceived until the day we pass over, every memory, thought or emotion good and bad , everything we have seen or felt in our lives and if there are negative experiences our subconscious mind can supress them by not allowing the conscious mind to become aware of them, but unfortunately they will eventually show up in the body as some form of illness or disease, buried problems don’t decompose they just resurface in some other form, by making the conscious mind aware of them can be the start of a healing process.

The Hidden Mind program uses the power of the subconscious to delete harmful and traumatic memories and helps to create a healthier mind-body relationship.

When I have completed my investigation of the body and the body’s electrical systems, meridians, chakras and auric fields I then correct any frequencies found to be malfunctioning by using intent, scent, precious stones, sound and affirmations.

Sound carries powerful frequencies that influence our mood and emotions, The subconscious mind has an amazing capacity to utilize sound frequency to influence the regeneration of cells, organs,bone,tissue and blood. Sound frequencies can dramatically improve healing rates and restore homeostasis and balance.20160201_160713

“We present the correct frequency for the energetic structure to calibrate itself back to true form”

After a correction you are advised that your body may experience either a physical or emotional release, This may present as nausea, flu like symptoms, pains and aches or headaches, and on an emotional level you may be very tearful or extreme laughter, children may have what seems like a worsening of their condition or may become hyperactive as the body is correcting itself.

It is always a good idea to rest after a correction to allow your body to undergo the changes that may be happening in a relaxed environment.